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Chaketma Phosphate Project


Chaketma Phosphate Project – 100% CPSA

(International arbitration and enforcement in Tunisia confirmed Celamin’s 51% interest in CPSA and awarded US$4m in damages)

Tenement, Location and Access

The Chaketma permit is located 210 km south-west of Tunis by road. The bulk of the phosphate is located at the base of a massive limestone unit close to the top of a high segmented plateau, which rises approximately 600m above the valley floor. This plateau extends for approximately 12 kilometres from north to south, and from 900 in 1,200 metres width.

The plateau is divided into distinct domains or prospects by a series of normal faults. The Chaketma Phosphate Project is located 35km from the nearest railhead which connects to the Port of Goulette/Rades for export. Tunisia is a major phosphate producer and exporter, and has existing infrastructure including extensive road, rail and energy networks.


Geology of Chaketma

  • The Chaketma Project is characterised by an exclusively marine sedimentary sequence of shallow shelf carbonates, sandstones and deeper marine clays and marls, dating Cretaceous to Miocene.
  • The dominant stratigraphic sequence from top to bottom comprises a massive dolomite limestone of Lutetian age, followed by the Ypresian phosphate suite and then a gradational transition to Paleocene Marls.
  • The top of the phosphate suite is a phosphatic dolomite / dolomitic phospharenite, quickly grading down to a high-grade medium-grained phospharenite.
  • Grain size decreases and marly intercalations gradually increase towards the bottom of the sequence, before passing into thicker marls.

Significant Milestones

Celamin has made significant in-roads into the exploration and development of its flagship Chaketma Phosphate Project in Tunisia. Significant milestones achieved include:

  • A Scoping Study successfully completed by Direct Mining Services Pty Ltd in August 2012 based on Exploration Targets. Positive results were received for both the technical and economic components of the project.
  • Release of Maiden JORC Resource for the Kef El Louz North Prospect (one of the six target prospects within the Chaketma project area) by Independent consultants, Geos Mining of 37 million tonnes (Mt) of rock phosphate at a grade of 21.0% P₂O₅, using 10% P₂O₅ cut-off grade. Geos Mining has indicated that only limited additional work would be required to upgrade the majority of this resource to the Indicated category.
  • An initial Inferred JORC Resource of 93 Mt at a grade of 20.3% P₂O₅ has been announced for Gassaa Kebira, the second of six prospects at the Chaketma Project.
  • Global Inferred Resource inventory now stands at 130Mt at a grade of 20.5% P₂O₅.
  • Potential confirmed for long-life project: 35+ years.
  • Metallurgical test work produced a concentrate grading 31% P₂O₅. Metallurgical optimisation test work to date confirms that a marketable concentrate can be produced with very good phosphate recoveries.

Chaketma Project Prospects

Chaketma permit hosts 6 prospects (please see maps below for further details:

  1. Gassaa El Kebira: 93Mt @ 20.3% P₂O₅
  2. Kef El Louz: 37Mt @ 21.0% P₂O₅
  3. Sidi Ali Ben Oum Ezzine: 9 holes drilled (ave 15.3m @ 20.7% P₂O₅)
  4. Douar Ouled Hamouda : One hole drilled (13.25m @ 18.8% P₂O₅)
  5. Kef El Aguab : Undrilled
  6. Gassat Ezerbat: Undrilled

Only drill results from Gassaa El Kebira and the northern area of Kef El Louz have been used to calculate the current Inferred Resource of 130Mt @20.5% P₂O₅.

For a full description of the Kef El Louz North and Gassan Kebira resource estimations, please refer to the following publically available company releases on the ASX website:

09/11/2012: Maiden JORC Resource - Chaketma Project (Kef El Louz North)

18/06/2013: Initial Gassaa Kebira Resource triples Chaketma Inventory
http://www.asx.comau/asxodf/20130618/odf/42ed74px 59.pdf

Development Options

Celamin has two development options:

  1. Rock Phosphate Export Mine
    • Significant work already confirms potential for simple rock export operation
    • 2012 Scoping Study to be updated with revised metallurgy from 2014 test work
  2. PyroPhos™ Process Route
    • Integrated chemical fertilizer project producing lowest quartile DAP
    • Minimal water use
    • Saleable inert waste product
    • Scoping Study to be completed


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